Our story started in 2012 with a need to channel my creative side, and a simple question: how does a grape go from a vine to a bottle of wine?  Although simple by nature, it was a pursuit that meant understanding the intricate process and philosophy necessary to see a vision brought to reality.  A vision not rooted in spreadsheets, goals, milestones or things we were familiar with.  Rather, a vision that acknowledged some things in life are more art than form and through understanding both, there is an opportunity to become a better person in all aspects of life.


When it came to making this pursuit a reality I reached out to Darby English, a friend and winemaker I admired and trusted.  He had come about this craft in the infancy of the Woodinville wine industry and saw it through an artistic and creative lens rather than just a business initiative.  After helping during fall crush and proving my salt, I shared my vision and asked if he would agree to come alongside us and be our consulting winemaker. We have benefited greatly, and are extremely grateful for his direction, partnership and participation in our program.


Along this journey, it has become clear that life is finite, and there are only so many vintages we will get to make.  At times the road ahead seems long, yet others seem to pass at the blink of an eye.  After years of seasons coming and going, working with grapes from the vine to bottle and endless sticky and stained hands along the way, our pursuit has developed into a passion to create unique wines that each tell their own story.  Some focused on time and place, others founded in a specific defining style, yet each vintage and each wine reflecting the intricate nuances of a story.  The intent of that story is to provide a foundation to a meal, a conversation and a glimpse in time to stop and enjoy the life at hand.