We are focused on crafting small lots of boutique wines through the use of the highest quality fruit in Washington state.  We are aging our wines in the best French oak barrels, and allowing the time necessary to deliver the finest bottle to your table.  Each of our wines is handcrafted to capture a moment and tell a story.  Some are focused on time and place, others are founded in a specific defining style, yet each vintage and each wine reflects the intricate nuances of their own story.  Those stories are to provide a foundation to a meal, a conversation, and a glimpse in time to stop and enjoy life at hand.


After years of working within a confined corporate structure, I had a need to express my creative side and get beyond a computer screen and phone calls.  I was not pulled towards art in the traditional sense of drawing, paint or canvas, but had a desire to harness the unpredictable aspects of nature through winemaking.  It was an endeavor that acknowledged some things in life are more art than form, and through understanding both, there is an opportunity to be shaped and become more balanced in all aspects of life.